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The work comprised the conversion of existing vaults beneath the forecourt of the office block, into additional office space. The floor of the vaults was excavated to provide adequate head room within the new areas and the layout was re-configured by the introduction of new Lunette Vault Brickwork to accommodate the new office space, with new M&E services going in.

A new Portland Stone spiral staircase was constructed from the underground vaults to street level. The main offices have remained occupied throughout works, with the only access / egress for the office workers being across the operational site, requiring the provision of safe walkways throughout works.

The project was quite complex with the pumping of the waste to street level drainage and the installation of Air Conditioning so as to keep an ambient temperature throughout the sub-terrain vaults, there were floor and ceiling lighting installed to give a more reflective light as there was no natural daylight.

Client: Coniston Construction
Value: £160,000
Duration: 52 Weeks
Type: Refurbishment
Contract: Electrical & Mechanical
Procured: Negotiated