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Orange Mobile Data Centre, Croydon


We assisted with the installation of the new 910KVA generator. Seven new MCCB and MCB distribution boards were supplied and installed. These were supplied from the main existing TSSB panel located in the plant room.

In the event of the loss of mains supply, a phase failure relay in the Asco switch will call for Generator No 1 and this will take up the building load; at this point the power factor correction system will be isolated. Once the mains supply returns, a two minute stabilisation period will commence before the Asco switch will transfer the load back from Generator No 1 to a mains supply and the power factor connection switch will come back on line and operate as normal.

If a loss of mains supply and failure of Generator No 1 occurs then Generator No 2 will be called to start and the load will transfer. Once Generator set No 2 is up to Volts frequency, a transfer will occur at the existing TSSB ATS and the non-essential load will be shed and the power factor correction system will be isolated. If Generator set No 1 becomes available, the system shall allow for transfer back to Generator set No 1. If the mains supply returns then after a stabilisation time the load will be transferred back to the mains supply.

Client: Mitie Technology
Value: £150,000
Duration: 28 Weeks
Type: Internal Building Mains Upgrade
Contract: Electrical
Procured: Competitive tender